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a true gentleman shows


As you peruse my site, determining if we might be suited for each other's company, my hope is these pages serve as a jump-off point; to curating many exciting, flirtatious and warm experiences together.


So how do I like to play? My mouth is full of unspeakable ideas, wrapped up in a suspiciously sweet smile. As a switch, I slip between both dominant and submissive roles like a sylph, but it’s chemistry that inspires me the most. All abundance begins in the mind, so tell me what’s on yours. My rates are pointedly structured towards the longer encounter; ones which can develop and unfold organically, indulgently and at an unhurried pace. 


Never fear if you’re nervous or new. I’m experienced enough for both of us. For those of you that have already drifted from the garden path, let me lead you a little further into the woods. Tell me the impure scenarios that distract you, so we can bring your imaginings to life. Temptress, mistress, schoolgirl, boss... I’ll (role) play the part to perfection. 

Introduce me to your passions and I’ll show you mine. Ultimately, I pursue inspiring connections.

I love indulging in all life’s pleasures, from the extravagant to the sweet & simple: fine dining, first-class travel, and a well-maintained wardrobe, sure; but even more important are intangible luxuries, like a lifestyle with the freedom to travel the world and explore my many passions. To play, relax, and enjoy myself and those I chose to meet. 


I enjoy getting to know one another over dinner. When I drink my favorites include dry red wine, brut nature champagne, espresso martini, and gin tonic. I like my water still and room temperature. Did I mention I am vegan? I also love going to see live performances. I can’t think of an example I don’t adore. 

Cosmopolitan, artistic, world-traveled, multilingual, down to earth. I am all of these things, and I may be your lover too!

My attire is typically appropriate for a casually upscale venue. Makeup and hairstyles are parts of my expression I like to keep lighter and more natural, though I am always prepared to go full vamp upon request (sinfully smoky eyes and ruby lips never go out of style!). Sexy lingerie is always a given, by the way. I couldn't imagine wearing anything other than a beautifully matched set. Well... unless all I'm wearing is a dazzling smile!

One of the things I find most attractive in my lovers is respect. Following that, intelligence, playfulness, and a driving desire to indulge completely in whatever your focus is (hopefully me). Above all, be yourself! Be willing to relax, be unafraid to communicate what you think, feel, and desire.

Gifts are very much appreciated! If you’d like to brighten my day with a sweet surprise, then read on at Earthly Desires.  


 I don’t shy away from intimacy. Genuine connection only happens when we allow ourselves to be open. And that’s a beautiful thing.