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As you peruse my site, determining if we might be suited for each other's company, I hope these pages serve as a jump-off point; to curating many exciting, flirtatious, and warm experiences together.


So how do I like to play? My mouth is full of unspeakable ideas, wrapped up in a suspiciously sweet smile. As a switch, I slip between both dominant and submissive roles like a sylph, but it’s the chemistry that inspires me the most. All abundance begins in mind, so tell me what’s on yours. My rates are pointedly structured towards the longer encounter, ones that can develop and unfold organically, indulgently, and at an unhurried pace. 


Never fear if you’re nervous or new. I’m experienced enough for both of us. Let me lead you a little further into the woods for those who have already drifted from the garden path. Tell me the impure scenarios that distract you so that we can bring your imaginings to life. Temptress, mistress, schoolgirl, boss... I’ll (role) play the part to perfection. 


I love indulging in all life’s pleasures, from the extravagant to the sweet & simple: fine dining, first-class travel, and a well-maintained wardrobe, sure; but even more important are intangible luxuries, like a lifestyle with the freedom to travel the world and explore my many passions. To play, relax, and enjoy myself and those I chose to meet. 


I enjoy getting to know one another over dinner. When I drink my favorites include brut nature champagne, white wine and pisco sour. I like my water still and room temperature. I mostly follow a pescatarian diet, and in case you're wondering, my favorite cuisines are Italian and Japanese.

Introduce me to your passions and I’ll show you mine. Ultimately, I pursue inspiring connections.


Although altruism is important... I do love to open a present now and then! Below you will find - Particulars, Favorites, and Suggestions.

Gift cards are especially appreciated from:​ Amazon,

Sephora, Saks, and Bloomingdales.

I suppose, generally speaking, I’m passionate about scent, but perfume is perhaps easier to explain. I would love to be surprised with a bottle from one of your favorite designers. 

Above all, I love a spa day: massages, facials, scrubs, soaking baths, and all of the above, please! A gift voucher from one of the spas in town would truly brighten my day. 

Suitors that suits me best are generous!


 I don’t shy away from intimacy. Genuine connection only happens when we allow ourselves to be open. And that’s a beautiful thing.

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