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My world. Your escape. Our pleasure.

I prefer to keep my circle small and fabulous! In order to leave time for my professional pursuits and other passions, I only accept a limited number of dates per week. Preference is given to friends I already know and adore, as they tend to pamper and please me as much as I do them, as well as new friends who write a thoughtful introduction, seek longer dates, and prefer more meaningful connections. Diversity is beautiful. I do not discriminate based on age, ethnicity, nationality, size, identity or ability. 

 GIFT                        AED          

one hour                  2200          

1.5 hours                 3000         

two hours                4000          

three hours              5500         


real date (6 hrs)       8000         

half day (12 hrs)      11.000       

full day (24 hrs)       14.500    









Longer bookings and travels are available exclusively for people I already know in person.


To avoid any miscommunications or misconstructions, please have the donation displayed in clear view if in private place (ideally within an envelope) during the first few minutes of our visit. If we meet in public, I appreciate a subtle placement; perhaps inside a card, or a gift bag.​​

A deposit of 15% is required for bookings above six hours. A bitcoin wallet address will be provided for this purpose.

Email and WhatsApp are my primary means of communication, phone calls are not discrete practices, so please keep this in mind when trying to reach out to me.


Let’s lose ourselves and discover one another.



Screening outlined is mandatory  

Including one of the followings below alongside your introduction and respectful request to schedule a meeting makes it that much easier to set a date with me:


  • a message from your LinkedIn profile (a discreet unrelated profile will be provided for this purpose after your initial inquiry). 

  • employment verification will require an email from your company account (I'll provide an unpublished inbox for this purpose).

  • two references from independent providers in the same industry that you have met before. I only accept references from reputable providers with a genuine online presence.

Identity verification is for safety purposes only. Your personal information will be treated with the utmost security and respect. I also happily offer references. Notify me before sharing my contact, so I know that inquiries of your character are by your consent.