about me 

Age: 26

Height: 5"4 

Weight: 120lbs 

Smokes: No

Language: English

Body type: Slender

Eye Color: Dark Brown


Hair Color: Brunette


Based in: Dubai

Whip-smart and uninhibited, I dance to the beat of my own drum. driven by wanderlust and a pinch of rebellion. 

Intellectual sparring partner, dynamic conversationalist, and all-around compelling distraction. I’m part provocateur, part dreamer. I'm the girl you were most certainly warned about. The one with a hypnotic smile, and poised confidence.





I'm currently based in Dubai, and while enamored with big city life, I’m equally likely to be found somewhere secluded in nature, where I seek to connect to the earth. I chase new experiences and move between worlds with ease. From Film Festivals, Gala Dinners, Polo Races and Opera events, just to name a few. Predictable has never been a word used to describe me. I prefer experiences that are unique and exceptional. Let me show you the things in life that you can’t seem to see.

An intrepid spirit to enhance your evenings, your travels, your worldview.
Ambitious? Perhaps.
In this clandestine beau-monde of ours, there are many missed connections – let’s not be one of them.

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Arts, and I just returned to begin the next stage in my professional and educational career. I exercise daily, I like to keep a super active healthy lifestyle. In my free time, you'll find me at the beach, cooking nice meals, or reading one of the volumes of my book collection. My schedule is demanding, as I keep myself busy at all times, but I find time to play and this is my playground. As you can imagine life can be challenging educationally, and financially so if you’d like to help me say with my tuition I would be delighted to spend time with you. For more info on how to meet me please check how to meet

A frisky minx, with a cheeky sense of humor, I am at my core an affectionate companion.

I’m hungry for it all: slow dancing and drop-top speed; romance and perversion; pillow talk and walks on the wild side. 


Let’s lose ourselves and discover one another. 

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